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How many times have you been in line for a bathroom at a concert, pool, sporting event, or any public attraction and wondered about the plumbing that is involved? Have you ever been inconvenienced by an out-of-order sign hanging on the entrance to a public restroom? According to Reeves Journal (quoting Eric Moore, senior interior designer at Kohler), commercial plumbing is “based on functionality, durability, water conservation, and simple, clean design intended for high volume traffic”. For attractions and locations that see mass quantities of visitors on a daily basis, commercial-grade products are essential. In contrast with a toilet or sink in a residential bathroom, commercial plumbing fixtures must withstand heavy, extended, and sometimes improper use. Commercial plumbing products are specially designed to be durable and aligned with ADA standards. In addition, there is often more simplicity in commercial-grade plumbing fixtures. For example, most public spaces will offer toilets in stalls and rows, one after another. Public restrooms are also often one floor above another. Commercial products tend to be simple and are designed with the intended purpose of the device in mind, while residential products will usually incorporate more aesthetics and stylistic components. When it comes to commercial sinks, they are similar to any other commercial plumbing fixtures in that daily traffic and water usage are taken into consideration when installing. But, plumbers must also consider industrial grade piping and the water pressure that will be necessary for maintaining usage of multiple sinks at the same time.

In general, commercial plumbing fixtures must accommodate a much higher frequency and overall quantity of daily users than residential plumbing. Commercial products must be heavier duty and designed to work despite a clog, misuse, or low water pressure. When compared to residential plumbing, the average amount of flushes a commercial-grade toilet experiences in a day is significantly higher. Increased traffic means that commercial plumbing requires special piping accommodations and construction in order to accommodate daily use. In a commercial setting, the overall goal is to provide “durable, low-maintenance and easy-to-clean products to avoid costly repairs and potentially [limit] the service of the facility”, according to Katie Hayes, senior product manager and Danze and Gerber. Maintaining service and availability of commercial plumbing locations is of the utmost importance.

Can I use residential products in a commercial setting? Although this crossover can go the other way, it is not recommended that any businesses or owners of public plumbing atmospheres use residential fixtures in a public setting. Due to the special design of commercial-grade plumbing products, they are the most durable and capable of handling high-traffic situations for longer and without trouble.

Commercial products are used more frequently, and often more aggressively than residential products, which is why they are better prepared for more impact by being made out of heavy duty products. In public restrooms, appliances come into contact with a higher quantity of harsh cleaning chemicals and are used by people of all ages (which is where variance in proper usage arises), and must be durable enough to withstand years of daily industrial cleanings. Overall, according to Paul Conrad from Mansfield Plumbing Products, both commercial and residential plumbing systems function with the same goal in mind: “they try to take away human waste… to a delivery system within a building”, the method in which they go about doing so is just somewhat different. If you have a commercial plumbing project that you might need help with, call our office today to schedule an appointment. We are happy to offer our customers appraisals and consultations at no cost! To schedule, call or visit our “Contact” tab for more information. Some examples of Seattle businesses that we are happy to help:

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