Root-X Treatment

Root-X Treatment ensures the main sewer line is clear, kills off new growth and roots that are clogging lines, prevents roots from continuing to overtake sewer lines, and should be redone once a year

Root-X is a foaming solution that is used to control root and plant growth in sewer lines, storm pipes, and septic systems. If roots are left untreated within a sewer line, flow can be restricted or, in some cases, the pipe can become completely blocked and lead to damage to the sewer systems. As plants and trees grow, root systems eventually find their way to sewer and wastewater pipelines, usually as a result of seeking moisture. Roots can work their way into a pipe in a few ways, but the most common are through joints or cracks in the pipe. Root intrusion can become a serious problem if left untreated, because pipes will gradually become overgrown with plant materials. The more you allow roots to invade your sewer system, the more water flow will become restricted. At Best Plumber Seattle, we recommend treating your pipes with RootX once a year. Root-X is guaranteed to keep sewer and septic systems clear from root obstructions for 12 months after application, and we will always send a reminder to our customers when it’s about time to apply again.

Root-X will not affect your pipe’s structural integrity, and it does not harm the environment around your system. Root-X is “non-caustic, non-fumigating and non-systemic”, and uses an aquatic herbicide to kill roots. Roots are killed within an hour after application, but we recommend limiting water usage for about four to six hours after treatment. Root-X treatments are quick and easy, usually only taking our trained technicians a few minutes to complete. If you are overdue for a Root-X treatment or would like to try a new method for clearing roots and plant matter from your sewer or septic system, call our office today at (206) 900-3449. We look forward to helping you!

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