Sewer Repair & Cleaning

Luckily issues with sewer lines are not very common, but when they do happen, it can be a serious issue that is caused by a specific source. If you hear a gurgling noise in your toilet, are experiencing very slow water drainage, smell a sewage odor in or around your house, or (in extreme cases) see patches of your lawn sinking, your could be experiencing a failure in your sewer line. If you witness any of these signs, or have any concerns at all, call us at Best Plumber Seattle and we’ll get a technician out right away to inspect your line.

Generally, we recommend inspecting sewer lines prior to purchasing or renting a new home or business to ensure that there are no issues. If you are in the market for a new home and your last step is to check the sewer lines, contact us and we’ll send a trained professional to help you out as soon as possible. In addition to new homes, it is important to have your sewer lines inspected and cleaned if you live in a home that is more than forty years old, even if your drains seem to be functioning perfectly. Major clogs happen, but they can be prevented.

If your sewer line is broken, it will require immediate attention. When sewage is involved, you and your family cannot wait. Best Plumber Seattle is the top provider of emergency plumbing services in the great Seattle area, and we hope you’ll trust us to take care of you in the event of an untimely sewer line break. We offer top tier performance, will get the job done right the first time, and have the best-trained plumbing staff in Seattle. Contact Best Plumber Seattle at (206) 201-0181 and let us help with any plumbing work that needs to be done in and around your home.

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