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Though you may not realize it, your water heater is probably the most-used appliance in your home. Using the shower, washing your hands, doing the dishes, and engaging in countless other daily activities all require use of a water heater. With the frequency in which it’s used, it is important to get routine checks and repairs done to avoid major issues that could leave you without hot water in the future. We work with all kinds of water heaters, but the most common are tankless. If you are interested in upgrading your water heater from a gas or electric-powered tank to a tankless model, we can help! As opposed to the older style of heating water in a storage tank and refilling it as you use water, a tankless model will allow you and your family to have seemingly instant access to hot water all day, every day. A common sign that it might be time to schedule a consultation or repair for your water heater is if you are noticing short-lived hot water coming from your faucets, or if your faucets are not producing hot water at all. There are many options regarding water heaters, and Best Plumber Seattle is ready to send a licensed professional to help you decide which one will best fit you and your family’s needs. To ensure your water heater is receiving the best possible care, call us at Best Plumber Seattle to do a routine check, to install a new water heater for you and your family, or to assist with any repairs.

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